An Innovative solution for Spoken English and Accent Training

Speaking confidently in English is very important in the current world. It is easy to find trainers for learning English. To develop good pronunciation and to express our thoughts to others, we need good practice in speaking English.
For many people, it is difficult to find people to communicate in English to improve their spoken English. Or people are shy to speak to their peers in broken English.
SpeechMine offers an innovative way to solve this and help users train themselves in Spoken English and improve their Accent.

  • Practice sentences in all tenses with usage Instructions
  • Spoken words accuracy (Accent Score) for every sentence
  • Displays correctly and Incorrectly spoken words
  • Multilple users in same system for individual learning
  • Specific role play scenes from day to day situations
  • Plays recorded translations in Regional Languages

SpeechMine is your virtual companion for practicing speaking in English. Using the best of speech recognition and optimizing it as per the practice scenarios, SpeechMine is a unique tool to improve your spoken English.

SpeechMine facilitates its users to become more confident in speaking English and serves as a virtual companion by continuous monitoring of spoken words accuracy in terms of pronunciation along with learning English grammar

SpeechMine course contains
  • Practice Sentences in 12 tenses
  • Role-play (Communication) Scenarios

Accent Score

Accent Score is a unique feature in SpeechMine which shows the accuracy of a spoken sentence. Every sentence practiced with SpeechMine will show 'Accent Score', which is calculated based on many factors like, number of words spoken correctly, the order in which the words are spoken, etc.. to give useful feedback to improve your Spoken English

Due to dependence on speech recognition to show the Accent Score and various factors influencing speech recognition like background noice while speaking, clarity of microphone used, distance of microphone from mouth and technical infeasibilities, Accent Score may vary while practicing.
Thus the following optimum 'Accent Scores' can be considered as indicators for self analysis.
Above 80% - Excellent, You can communicate with others without worrying about your accent
Between 60-80% - Most people fall in this range, so keep practicing if you still feel uncomfortable
Between 30-60% - Yes, you are right about choosing SpeechMine and try to complete entire course and you will definetly notice improvement
Less than 30% - If you fall in this range constantly, keep trying and if you are still here, Please contact our customer support for asistance

*These scores are not to be considered for a single sentence or for a few sentences, SpeechMine course contains over 1250 sentences/dialogs to practice, please try atleast 50-100 sentences before considering yourself for analysis based on above mentioned 'Accent Scores'

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