Creating learner centric solutions for self learning environment, by developing user friendly and customized virtual learning platforms which deliver content in various formats

Learning is most effective when it is personalized, entertaining, voluntary and involves active participation by the students. The company believes that education should not be restricted to classroom learning and has to offer more to learn other than prescribed school text books. It is this thought that has inspired us to design innovative learning solutions and tools that will enhance and revamp the learning experience among the learning community.

These tools engage students in a fascinating process of exploration, experience and extrapolation. This re-invented experience of learning is accomplished with specially designed products which facilitate active participation by the students. The various innovative content forms used are films, graphic novels, games and hands-on kits that are a fusion of entertainment and education.

Our products for Self Learning

  • SpeechMine™

    SpeechMine offers an innovative way to solve this and help users train themselves in Spoken English and improve their Accent using a unique speech recognition technology

  • ScoresMine

    A one stop solution for all competitive exams. With Information on Exams, Book Store, Online Tests, Model Papers, Career Guidance and Discussion Forums

Our other services

  • For Schools and Colleges

    Developing customized virtual learning environments, which delivers online/offline education by engaging learners and helping educators to provide personalized attention.

  • For Corporates

    Partnering with organizations and associations to create sustainable educational practices to effect change and co-create value between educators and learners