Developing customized virtual learning environments, which delivers online/offline education by engaging learners and helping educators to provide personalized attention.

EdMine believes that every school can be a "Learning Organisation" by bringing in a collaborative culture and dynamic practices in the school system. EdMine provides cost effective products and services for schools to enable them to utilize technology effectively.

From training programs to whole school development projects, we provide services and solutions for all stakeholders in the education set up. Our Whole School Development program is built on the premise that every school can improve if its culture and organizational policies are in sync with the vision and mission of the school.

Extending personalized attention to students, evolving advanced education systems, teacher enrichment programs, convenient parent teacher interaction tools, offline parent teacher student interaction and active involvement of industry experts in learning systems.

Technology embedded learning system to enable educational institutions and educationists to devise high end teaching mechanism, assessment solutions and customized digital content

Our products for Schools and Colleges

  • SpeechMine

    SpeechMine offers an innovative way to solve this and help users train themselves in Spoken English and improve their Accent using a unique speech recognition technology

  • AtSchool

    Dynamic, Customizable and Robust CMS for school websites. We will provide you with a contemporary, yet elegant design that is customized specifically for your school

Our other services

  • For Self Learning

    Creating learner centric solutions for self learning environment, by developing user friendly and customized virtual learning platforms which deliver content in various formats

  • For Corporates

    Partnering with organizations and associations to create sustainable educational practices to effect change and co-create value between educators and learners